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What we do

What we do

Whatever program MRDS conducts is in accordance to a Core Principle:

"We ensure children’s participation as they are the worst effected victims of emergencies and natural disasters. The reiteration heightens their vulnerability and exposes them to abuse trafficking and threatens their survival. The children with whom we work have designed programs and activities of MENDU RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY based on their needs & perceptions. This is what makes MENDU RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY unique.
With us, children are the protagonists, and we are the catalysts."

This maxim is put into practice in a way peculiar to MENDU RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY in Badhte Kadam, a Federation of Street and Working Children.

Our work structure follows a distinctively effective though simple three-fold scheme:

Direct Action:

In immediate cooperation between NGO and target group, this part of our work ensures street children are not left alone with their issues but experience concrete solidarity, can fulfill their own potential, and develop a perspective in life.

  • Contact Points:Street Coordinators provide Non-Formal Education in Telugu English, Math, and General Knowledge where the children live and work.
  • Recreation: Sports, art classes, competitions, and Fun Trips to interesting and educational places.
  • NIOS:MENDU RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY is affiliated with the National Institute of Open School (NIOS). After enrollment, we assist street and working children during their educational careers in a center run for this purpos
  • Workshops: : regular life skills workshops acquaint children with knowledge about institutions and facilities important in everyday survival. In residential leadership workshops, kids find out all about how to actively involve themselves and their peers in the process of social change.
  • Support Groups: are formed and representatives prepared and elected who facilitate between the organization and the kids ([link] see Children’s Federation).
  • Reunion of Families: : whenever possible and needed, we cooperate with shelters and authorities to either replace runaways in their families or give them a new home.
  • Rescuing of Working Children: MENDU RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY helps in illegal and / or exploitative labor relations if the children are ready to take this step.
  • Health Camps: in a community-focused effort, MENDU RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY along with partner professionals provides medical services to whoever approaches the Contact Points at certain days.
  • Vocational Training: offered to give older and minors a perspective of self-sufficiency.


Although the first two levels show the most easily graspable and immediate results, they can hardly have lasting effects without a change for the better in policy-making and the social climate.

  • Bal Adhika Abhiyan: This nation-wide network of NGOs and individual activists strives to put the issue of children’s rights on the political agenda, sharing practices that proved effective in their work and information on current events and developments
  • PR work: plays, presentations, and shows are organized to raise awareness of children’s issues; booklets and brochures are [link:] published on a regular basis.
  • Establishment of Statuary Bodies :Childline, CWCs, State Child Rights Protection Commissions, etc.
  • Amendment and Reform:MENDU RURAL DEVELOPMENT SOCIETY and partner NGOs actively follow the process of reforms of acts and policies, commenting openly and critically where necessary and reinforcing positive tendencies