We specialize in HIV/AIDS training programmes :

  1. Basic HIV & AIDS Awareness
  2. Living Positively with HIV & AIDS
  3. Train the Trainer
  4. Basic Counselling Skills

Basic HIV & AIDS Awareness

This is a three hour workshop designed to give a basic, albeit comprehensive, understanding of HIV & AIDS. It is ideal as a staff awareness session and can be tailored to the literacy or academic levels of a particular audience.

Living Positively with HIV & AIDS

This is a three hour workshop designed to assist those who are dealing with infected or affected persons. The stages of the disease, symptoms and opportunistic infections and treatment are discussed. Basics of Antiretroviral therapy, hygiene and the psychological impact of the disease, with special reference to giving emotional support are also covered.

Train the Trainer

This is a practical three day workshop. Learners will be expected to have basic HIV & AIDS knowledge. Emphsis will be placed on subjects such as learning skills, understanding adult learners, facilitation and presentation skills with practical assignments which will be critiqued by peers and facilitator. The purpose of this workshop is to equip people with training and facilitation skills and to understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Basic Counselling Skills

This is a practical two day workshop providing a basic understanding of people in crisis and training in listening skills. It is interactive with participation from all attendees. The impact of HIV & AIDS is so huge that we do not have sufficient people who are trained to offer counselling services to those infected and affected. The psychological turmoil that is often associated with an HIV positive diagnosis, is one that needs to be seriously addressed and many lay people are being equipped to face this challenge. As humans we tend to shy away from emotional pain, lest we expose our own helplessness and vulnerability. Understanding the principles of lay counselling and support is vital if people are going to be assisted to live POSITIVELY with the virus, and be productive, healthy and well-funtioning individuals.